Pool Enclosures


It may seem cold right now but before we know it, it will be bathing suit and pool weather once again!!  There are some great advantages when investing in a high-quality pool enclosure.  It definitely helps with debris and rain, but here are a few other hidden benefits it brings:

  1.  Reduce Chemical Use   – adding a pool enclosure will reduce the amount of exposure to phosphates, pollutants and pathogens that can enter your pool’s water and reduce the need for chemicals.
  2.  Create an Outdoor Living  Space Year-Round – throwing a tent or piece of canvas over your pool won’t keep your swimmers warm during the cooler months, but a custom enclosure with an electrical system, HVAC capabilities, and increased insulation will keep harmful UV rays out and warm air in.
  3.  Improve Your Health – With year-round access to your pool, you can beat the cold weather blues and continue an aerobics exercise routine with leaving your home.  This could be a great boost to your overall health!!
  4.  Reduce Your Risk – As with other aspects of your property, you are liable for pool injuries.  While pool owners do pay a higher premium for homeowner’s insurance due to the elevated risks of simply owning a pool, having a secure pool enclosure will prevent trespassers from having access to your water and help prevent accidents.
  5.  Improve Your Security – Covering your pool keeps out debris and cold weather, but it also will keep away wild animals and insects from putting a damper on your fun or possible becoming trapped in your pool and drowning.  Same goes for intruders in your backyard.